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Month: July 2015

Day 11: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Hip Cross Carry

hip cross carry2I think at the rate I’m going, my 30 day wrap challenge is going to turn into a 180 day wrap challenge!  But hey, at least I keep on going…  when I one day finish this one, I’m going to try to do another wrap challenge and actually keep it to 30 days.  Maybe some of you will do it with me!

Day 11’s Challenge was the Hip Cross Carry. I actually did learn this one months ago, but I kept forgetting to get my husband to photograph it so I could post it.  I blame mommy-brain. I blame mommy brain for many things.

I think the Hip Cross Carry is a simple wrap, and I felt like I had a pretty good handle on it after just a couple of times of tying it.    Like most cross carries, I think you could easily pop your baby into and out of this wrap, so it makes it nice for running errands.  When we’re out, my LO loves to see what’s going on, so hip carries are nice.  She can snuggle up to me but still easily look around and watch people – that’s one of her favorite pass times.

My ONLY problem or struggle with this wrap is that I have trouble tying it off.  I can get it wrapped and get the single knot tied.  Then I put the LO in the wrap.. but then I feel like I’m trying to stretch my arms in some weird way to finish that second knot.  I guess I need to get more limber!

hip cross carryFor this carry, I’m using a size 4 Oscha Sonora Cassia.  For me and my LO, I don’t think we could go any shorter than a 4.  If you are slender (I am not!) you might be able to do this with a 3.  I’ve also done it with a 5 and just have a lot more tail.

Uppymama has a <A HREF = “”>nice tutorial on the hip cross carry.</A>


A Note about Babywearing Journey

I just realized I haven’t updated the blog in several weeks.  I’m frustrated about that because I have so much to say about baby wearing!   I’ve got several reviews I would like to write, and I need to get back to the wrap challenge (the 30 day wrap challenge has turned into a 120+ day wrap challenge for me!)

Time’s been flying lately, and that’s part of why I haven’t posted lately.  The other part is because of a somewhat snarky message I got about the blog. I am trying to advertise this page and gain more followers – because I truly love baby wearing and want to spread the joy.

I posted the blog on one website, and I got a message that they had removed the link, even though there were no rules against self promotion or posting links to other websites or blogs.  The reason they removed the link is because I wasn’t an experienced baby wearer and they believed I needed to prove myself before I had a right to have a voice.  The snark made me so sad that it made it hard to post for a while.

I’ve felt so much support and love from the mammas I’ve met while baby wearing that this message surprised me.   I’ve never claimed to be an expert, and I believe I’m pretty clear in stating that I created this blog to share my struggles while learning to baby wear and the lessons I learned.  I’m a professional writer, and this blog gives me a way to share my passion for baby wearing with other mammas.

We’ve also been so busy that I hadn’t had much of a chance to wear the lo.  It has been super hot, so we’ve been staying inside.  We’ve been really busy with some personal stuff, so I haven’t been going out much either.  She’s teething, though, and the other day she was super fussy and needy. Normally on those days I spend time on the floor playing with her.  This day, though, I had to clean (I was getting ready for her very first birthday party!).  So I put her up in a FCC.  That quieted the fussiness – it was a bit hard to get much done with her in front of me, but it allowed her to snuggle up to me while I picked up, dusted, and swept.  Happy baby and happy mommy!

That day reminded me that I love baby wearing, and I love (most of) the community of baby wearers.  I’m committed to the blog again.
josey wrappe din india holi
If you are curious about any baby wearing issues, let me know.  Since I’m a professional writer, I’m used to researching and compiling information, even when I’m not an expert.  I want to write the articles you all want to read.

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