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Month: August 2015

New woven wrap: Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls

at the seaI ordered the Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls at the same time I ordered the Lenny Lamb Tangata.  I love owls – they’re fascinating birds, and we have two to three great horned owls who pass through our property both in the spring and fall. I could sit outside for hours listening to them – and I often have.  While I was pregnant, I was in our pool one evening when an owl swooped right over my head, flew up to the roof of our house, and landed to who-who for a while.  One of our baby showers was owl-themed, and she has a great owl painting hanging in her room.  Yes, I do love owls!  That made a Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls the perfect wrap for us.

When I ordered the wrap, the only carries I knew were FWCC and FCC, so I ordered a size six.  My goal, like any good baby wrapper, was to learn more carries in my base size.  The Bubo Owls is lighter on the “wrong” side, which makes it easy to tell if you’ve twisted the wrap.  It also looks nice for those carries with shoulder flips.  Since all the owls face the same way on the wrap, it is also easy to tell top from bottom and that makes it easy to figure out which rail to tighten to take slack out of your carry.

Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls details:
100% cotton
Size:  6
Length:  4.6 meters
Weight: 280 g/m2
Rails:  Tapered
Color: Red with grey owls, clouds, and branches.  The “wrong” side of the wrap is a light pinkish-grey and the owls, clouds and branches are in red

babywearing in spainThis wrap is thicker than the Ellaroo Maija or Lenny Lamb Tangata, and that took a little getting used to.  It also meant, though, that it was more supportive and felt more durable.   The thickness meant it took longer to break in, but I washed and ironed it a couple of times, braided it, and wore it as much as I could.

This was the wrap I decided to take with us on vacation to Barcelona, Spain.  I wore the wrap almost every day for nearly two weeks.  It got softer the more I wore it, and I had no problems with this wrap.  Being 100% cotton made it easy to care for, too – a nice wash, dry, and iron and it looked great again!

I love this wrap – and it would have been permastash if it hadn’t been stolen when I sent it traveling.  I’m going to miss this wrap to the end of my babywearing days!


My First NEW Woven Wrap: Lenny Lamb Tangata

20150528_125720I bought an Ellaroo Maija used on the Budget Swap, and I quickly fell in love with babywearing.  I started watching the swap pages, looking at wrap makers, and drooling over all the pretty wraps.  I am a researcher by nature, so I read about the different sized wraps and what carries you could do, different materials and blends, different makers.

20150320_172208It took me about a month to  make my next purchase:  two wraps from Lenny Lamb.  One was my beloved owls, which went missing during a traveling swap, and the other was a Lenny Lamb Tangata in a size 4.  I decided on a size 4 because it allowed me to try some other carries (my Ellaroo was a size 6 and I also purchased the owls in a size 6).  I decided on the Tangata because it is a rainbow wrap.  After watching a bunch of wrapping tutorials, it seemed like having a wrap in which the two rails were very different in color would really help me as I learned to keep the wrap straight and to tighten the rails – and I was right, the different rails have been very helpful!

Lenny Lamb Tangata Wrap details:
60% Cotton, 40% viscose bamboo
Size:  4
Length:  3.7 meters
Weight: 220 g/m2
Rails:  Tapered

torso carryThis is a light to medium weight wrap, and because it is made with bamboo it feels like in your hand.  The bamboo also means it is soft right out of the packaging and needs almost no breaking in!  I washed it immediately, laid it out to dry, and ironed it, and then started wearing it.   (Since this is my only bamboo blend wrap, I don’t know if all bamboo wraps are so soft right away!)

This wrap also has a lot of glide – I think that’s because of the bamboo as well.  That makes it easy to tighten as the fabric just glides, but I feel like sometimes I have a little trouble keeping the wrap tight.  I’ve read that bamboo is really a great fabric for tiny babies because it is so soft, but that it often isn’t supportive enough for bigger babies.  My toddler is small at only 18 pounds, but I can tell that we’ll have to retire this wrap soon and wait for a new baby (or pass it on to another mamma).

poppins hip carryThis was a great first new wrap for us.  The size was right to learn several new hip carries, the different colored rails made it easy to keep them straight as I was learning new carries, and the bamboo made it soft and easy to work with.  My only caution on this wrap, really, is that it probably won’t work for bigger babies and kids.

I have to add that I really like the Lenny Lamb folks.  Their wraps are often considered budget wraps because they’re in the $100-$200 range.  But don’t let that turn you off.  I think they make beautiful wraps that should last.  Give them a try!


Day 12: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Coolest Hip Cross Carry

20150328_100948I really enjoy hip carries – and so does my little one.  She likes to watch people and see where we’re going while still being able to grab onto me when she gets an attack of the shys.  I learned this carry quite a while ago, and it is my go to hip carry.  In fact, during the time of the actual challenge in May 2015, I was wearing her all over Barcelona, Spain in this carry!

For me, the hardest part of this carry was the slip knot.  Although earlier carries in this Challenge included a slip knot, I actually learned the slip knot while trying to learn this carry.  Wrapyouinlove has a great tutorial for tying a slip knot  here.

20150422_125215Once you learn the slip knot, this is a nice carry you can pre-tie and pop your baby in and out of.  This is the carry I normally use if we’re going to be getting in and out of the car a lot or somewhere where she’ll want to be down for a while, then back up with me, and then down again (she’s no longer a baby – she’s a toddler and sometimes she needs to walk!).

In the top photo, I’m using a Didymos Emerald Turquoise Hemp Indio size 4.  For me, that’s a great size for this carry (my base is a 6).  In the second photo, I’m using a Natibaby butterflies in a size 5.  I love this wrap, but the size 5 means there’s a lot of tail left over.

Babywearing Faith has a good tutorial here and Wrapyouinlove has a tutorial here.


The Traveling Owls Went AWOL

josey in barcelonaIn June, I posted about The Traveling Owls, my Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls wrap that I sent traveling.  This sounded like such a fun idea – you send a wrap traveling to other moms who sign up, have already sent a wrap traveling, and have positive feedback.  Once your wrap has traveled, you can also sign up to host other moms’ wraps.  It is a fun way to try out new wraps without having to BuyAllTheWraps.

I couldn’t wait to list a wrap and then start hosting other wraps – how fun!  Plus, hosting wraps meant I had a lot more wraps to review for the blog.  Sounded like a win-win.

front cross carryI created a traveling wrap listing and asked that my hosts have positive feedback and agree to provide photos for my blog.  Three moms signed up.  All three had feedback and had hosted wraps before.  I sent my wrap off, excited to see what adventures my wrap went on.  It would almost be as fun as traveling myself!

ashley owlsThe wrap arrived at is first destination, with a mom in Ohio.  Her first photo was of her toddler playing with the wrap.  The second photo was of the toddler asleep in a back carry.  It was fun to see other moms anashley owls2d children enjoying my owls. That mamma enjoyed the wrap, saying “This is quite lovely.”



jenna owlsAfter a week in Ohio, the wrap went off to Wisconsin.  This time the wrap carried a child to a Bernie Sanders rally – it was funny to be envious of the wrap. I would love to have been there!   That mamma also enjoyed the wrap, saying “We will be sad to jenna owls2see this go! Owls has been amazing to us during its visit!”




The wrap went off to a mamma in Oklahoma, and that’s when things took a bad turn.   I had to message the mamma hosting the wrap to see if it had arrived.  On Jul 16, she confirmed that it arrived the weekend before and that she was planning to send it out on July 17.  After ten days of not seeing my wrap or hearing from the mamma, I sent her a message.  A few days later I sent her another message.  No wrap.

Since then I’ve written on her Facebook wall, sent more messages, and had the administrator of the Facebook page contact her.  Two and a half weeks later, still no wrap AND no message from the mamma.

20150523_164818I’m really disappointed.  Although Lenny Lamb is considered a budget wrap, they’re still not cheap.  That money is gone – and I don’t have the funds to replace the wrap.  I really love owls and I really enjoyed that wrap.  It was the first new wrap I bought (my second wrap ever purchased) and took my daughter from Texas to Barcelona, all around Barcelona, and back home.

Some of you might call me foolish for sending something I cherished off to other mammas.  With the exception of a less than idea interaction with a babywearing group, I’ve had great interactions with babywearing moms.  Many, many women send traveling wraps and get them back.  I’m just the unlucky one whose wrap has disappeared.

20150503_074002I briefly thought about walking away from the entire babywearing community.  But it would be foolish to let one person spoil something I so enjoy.  I just will not participate in wrap swaps or traveling wraps, and I sadly won’t be able to buy any more wraps for a while.  That was an expensive lesson learned.

I’ll miss those wonderful owls.

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