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Month: November 2015

Starting a Love Affair with Didymos: Deep Blue and Gold Indio

deep blue and goldLike many wrap-obsessed parents, I begin stalking the babywearing pages on Facebook.  I drooled over brands and patterns and colors, and I wanted to buy all the wraps!  I discovered Didymos pretty quickly, and then I fell in love with Indio pattern.    I joined the DIdymos Love & Appreciate and Indio Lovers Unite! Facebook groups.  I had been eyeing the Deep Blue and Gold Indio on a retail site when one popped up on the swap.  I mentioned it to my husband, and he said, “If you want it, buy it.” That was all the encouragement I needed.

imageThis was one of my first Didymos wraps (I bought this one and another at the same time), my first hemp/cotton blend, and my first size 5.  The size 5 let me try out a few different carries, which was fun!

Didymos Deep Blue and Gold Hemp Indio details:
(Some details are gathered from websites. I no longer have this wrap, so I cannot weigh and measure it).
60% cotton, 40% hemp
Size:  5
Length:  4.2 meters
Weight: 220 g/m2
Rails:  Tapered
Color:  Dark blue (navy) with gold in Didymos’ indio pattern

20150322_172356(0)This wrap is just gorgeous!  The gold in the pattern makes it look shiny and fancy, and I think anyone would look beautiful wearing their baby in this wrap someplace dressy: a wedding, out to a party or to a nice dinner. At the same time, the gold isn’t overwhelming so the wrap is also great for everyday use.  This is one of the wraps I took with me on a trip to Barcelona, and I wore my baby to a reception that my husband had to go to for work as well as out while walking through the town.

20150523_185843I thought this wrap felt thicker than its 220 g/m2.  That might be because it wasn’t completely broken in or I’m not used to the feel of the hemp blends.  The thicker feeling made it seem more supportive, and it wrapped well.  I felt like it was easy to wrap, tighten and tie, but it also didn’t slip once tied.  I appreciate those qualities in a wrap.

I got churny and ended up selling this wrap.  I didn’t like how stiff and thick it felt, but don’t hold that against the wrap!, I have discovered I’m just not a fan of the hemp blends.  If you have more patience for breaking hemp in than I do, get this wrap.  It is gorgeous and shimmery, and you and your baby will both look gorgeous in it!  I’m  glad I tried it, and I enjoy my Deep Blue and Gold Hemp Indio photos.

One note about Indios:  the pattern seems pretty prone to getting pulls.  I love the Indio pattern, but I’m so clumsy and spend so much time outside that I really fret about rubbing up against something that snags my wrap and creates a pull.




And now… back to babywearing!

I knew it had been a while since I had written in my blog, but I’m amazed to find that it has been almost three months!  Our life has been so chaotic that I just barely had a chance to read email:  there was no time for writing blogs.

During the first part of my hiatus from the blog, I barely wore my little one.  It was so hot in Texas, that going outside was miserable.  We hung out at home, and I just rarely wore her.  We were also preparing to move, and I spent a lot of my time unpacking (and then repacking the stuff the lo unpacked!).

Then we got here to Kansas, and I was too busy unpacking for a while to wear her.  I was starting to fear I was never going to wear her much again, and I even thought about selling my wraps and giving up.

The little one and me at the Ren Fest in Kansas City.

The little one and me at the Ren Fest in Kansas City.

Fortunately, that little burst of despair passed!  The weather in Kansas in September and October is much nicer than the weather in Texas.  We started going to festivals and on other outings, and those are perfect places for babywearing.

I decided that I needed exercise, so I started practicing back-wrapping so I could take her on walks around on property.  This was a win-win-win.  I got exercise, the little one got to get outside and see stuff, and my back-wrapping skills improved.

The little one helping me work at the Bluebonnet Horse Expo.

The little one helping me work at the Bluebonnet Horse Expo.

Life is starting to even out here in our new home state, so I plan to get back to wrap reviews, learning new carries, and sharing the babywearing love and my journey to become a better babywearer!




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