20150328_100948I launched Babywearing Journey in April 2015 to share the lessons I learn about babywearing with other curious parents.

Babywearing wasn’t really on my radar when I got pregnant.  I thought babywearers were crazy people who could never be parted from their children, and I wasn’t going to be one of those crazy parents.  I registered for and received an Ergo Carrier, but somehow that didn’t register as babywearing.  It just seemed that everyone got a carrier to occasionally cart their baby around in.

When my daughter was about four to five months old, it was obvious she was a horrible sleeper.  I work from home and needed to work during her naps, but she didn’t nap!  I asked for advice on several Facebook pages and people suggested I try wearing her for naptimes.  I started following a couple of babywearing Facebook pages, bought a Mei Tai, and then became interested in wraps.

I liked the idea of wrapping.  Wraps were beautiful, and it seemed fun to learn new carries.  Babywearing suddenly became an art and a skill, and I bought my first wrap.  I watched YouTube videos and learned a couple of carriers and I was hooked.

Now I have several wraps, and I realized I want to become a babywearing educator and to also write articles about babwearing.  Since I’m a professional writer, I decided to start a blog to share my journey as I learn how to babywear.  I hope you’ll find my struggles to master new carries, and my reviews of the wraps I get to try out useful.  I’ll also add some articles on the history of babywearing, and I hope to add some interviews with interesting babywearers I encounter during my journey.



galeno ribbonsAbout me:  I have a BS in Psychology and a Masters and PhD in Animal Science, specializing in equine behavior.  When not playing with or wearing my baby, I run a horse rescue (Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society) and am a freelance author.   My articles have appeared in EQUUS Magazine, AQHA Journal, Chronicle of the Horse, Horse of Kings, Appaloosa Journal, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Hill Country Sun, Brazoria County Image, and other magazines.  Now that I have a wonderful wee one to inspire me, I hope to branch out into parenting magazines – and of course I hope to be able to write about babywearing!