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Day 14: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC)

overland park arboretum1Back carries are tricky, and I really struggled with my first (Secure High Back Carry – SHBC).   Fortunately, now that I feel like I have gotten the hang of putting the little one on my back and making a seat for her, learning new back carries seem to be getting easier.

Like SHBC, a six 6 (my base) is best for this carry, although I can also use a size 5 if I don’t mind not having any tails left over.  With the BWCC, the wrap goes over your baby’s back three times – which I think makes it nice for a chillier weather, and those three passes seem to make the wrap pretty secure (which is great for little ones like mine who like to lean and wiggle about!).

overland park arboretum2I did have to get used to having my little one sit a little lower on my back than she does in SHBC (or a rucksack carry, which I haven’t discussed yet).  At first, I kept feeling like she was slipping but I think that’s just because she was lower than I’m used to.  In the photos with the blue and black wrap, I have the wrap pulled down so it cups my shoulders.  In the photo with the pink wrap, I experimented with the wrap straps up on my shoulders and feel like it is easier to get a tighter, more secure carry that way.

overland park arboretum3With this carry, I find it a lot easier to get and keep my little one’s arms in.  This is nice when I’m someplace where I don’t want her grabbing things, like the store, or when it is chilly out and I want to keep her warm.  I like the way this carry wraps and feels, and I think I’ll be using it for walks for a while now.

I did learn one important lesson when trying to use this carry right after learning it:  it is harder to wrap when you and your little one are wearing bulky sweaters or coats. I needed to take her out to do barn chores one cold evening, so she was wearing a coat and I had a fleece on. I really struggled to get this wrap job done nicely and had to redo it several times.  We were both tired and cranky by the time I got it.  I think that’s partially because I had a really hard time getting the wrap up over her coat.  It kept catching on the coat fabric and I had a hard time pulling it tight.  I’m going to have to practice carries a bit more with sweaters/jackets because our cold weather has just set in and I’ll need to wrap over bulky clothes  for a while!

bwcc photoI did get a nice ego boost the first time I wore her out in public in a BWCC.  We were buying a season membership to our local arboretum so we can take lots of walks whenever the weather is decent.  The woman in the office was so impressed with the carrier and the wrap job that she asked a bunch of questions and then asked me to show it to other women in the office.  It was nice to get to chat about carriers and babywearing with a receptive audience!

Back Wrap Cross Carry tutorials:

Babywearing Faith

Wrap You in Love

Wrapping Rachel

WrapYourBaby (This one is slightly different and I haven’t tried it.. yet!)

Pink wrap:  Size 6, Colibri Rosa, 70% cotton/30% linen, by Natibaby

Blue/black wrap:  Size 6, Harper’s Flash Nightfall, 100% cotton, by Natibaby



Day 13: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Secure High Back Carry

So far, the Secure High Back Carry (SHBC) has been the hardest carry in this challenge to learn.  I’ve wanted to learn a back carry for a long time:  the little one is getting big and it can be hard to get things done with her in a front or hip carry.  Plus, I want to get back into hiking and I think it would be easier to carry her on my back.


Early attempts at SHBC – she’s way too low!

Learning a back carry was intimidating, though.  I was terrified I would drop her or would do something wrong when wrapping and she would fall out of the wrap.  It also takes more coordination to wrap on your back since you cannot see what you are doing with the wrap, and you need to be flexible to accomplish the carry!

I watched videos from Babywearing Faith and Wrapping Rachel several times before attempting the carry, and then I thought through each step of the carry.  Finally, I attempted the carry with my little one.

I practiced for weeks by standing with my back to my bed, that way if the little one fell off of me or out of the wrap, she would fall onto the bed and not get hurt.  All the experts recommend this, and it certainly eliminated one of my worries.


Getting better at SHBC – she’s a little higher on my back, and she’s learn how to wiggle her arms free. She prefers to be able to grab things!

The first step in back wrapping it getting your baby onto your back.  I started out using the hip scoot method to get her on my back (Babywearing Faith shows this method in her video).  Using this method, I discovered that I had a hard time getting her high enough.  I also felt like she was much more tangled in the wrap that way.  Next, I tried the superman toss (shown in Wrapping Rachel’s video).  It was a lot easier for me to get her onto my back that way, the wrap didn’t get so tangled, and she  loved being tossed up on my back (she’s a little daredevil).

The next step is tightening the top rails of the wrap and pinning them down.  For me, I didn’t feel like I held them tightly enough by pinning them under my chin, so I held the top rails between my teeth while making a seat.

Making a seat was the toughest part of learning this carry for me.  Once getting the top rail tight and pinned, I reached behind myself and between the little one’s legs and pulled the wrap fabric down until it was smooth across her back.  When you tug the wrap down until the fabric is smooth across her back, you are getting all the slack out of the wrap.  If you don’t get the slack out of the wrap, your little one will slowly settle and drop down on  your back (I learned this from trial and error!).  After all the slack it out of the wrap, I then tug up to make a seat.

Still learning - wrap is low on my arm and sloppy. She looks happy, though!

Still learning – wrap is low on my arm and sloppy. She looks happy, though!

After that, you tighten wrap strand by strand on both sides.  It took me some time to learn how to tighten the bottom rail without pulling the seat out – I think that’s something that comes with practice.  You cannot just pull with all of your might – you tighten and check to make sure the seat is still secure, then tighten again.

You then tie a half knot on the chest and your baby is fairly secure while you make the wrap passes and tie off.  Since my baby is a leaner and a wiggler, I have to keep one hand on her to keep her in place even once the wrap is tight and the half knot is tied.

I struggled with learning this carry for months.  I would get frustrated and not try again for a week or more, and then I would try again.  She would be too low, or she would lose her seat (the wrap would not go knee to knee).  Sometimes I didn’t get the wrap tight enough.

I almost gave up on back wrapping. I posted about my problems on one of the wrap groups, and someone suggested I learn a ruck carry instead.  That carry is simple, and it gave me a chance to learn how to make a seat in a back carry. Once I got the hang of making a seat, the SHBC also came together for me.

Finally feel we're getting it: she's in a good place, the wrap is secure, and she's happy!

Finally feel we’re getting it: she’s in a good place, the wrap is secure, and she’s happy!

I love back carries.  I use them almost daily to take the little one out when I feed horses on our farm.  I’ve gotten brave enough to use back carries a few times when out shopping, and I will be using them more and more often.  With the SHBC, I like that the chest belt helps distribute the weight across both  my shoulders and chest, and the carry just looks nice.  I can also do this carry with some of my size 5 and 6 wraps – and I have some pretty size 5 and 6 wraps that I like to get to show off!  I’m glad I stuck with this one.

Wrapping Rachel

Babywearing Faith


Day 12: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Coolest Hip Cross Carry

20150328_100948I really enjoy hip carries – and so does my little one.  She likes to watch people and see where we’re going while still being able to grab onto me when she gets an attack of the shys.  I learned this carry quite a while ago, and it is my go to hip carry.  In fact, during the time of the actual challenge in May 2015, I was wearing her all over Barcelona, Spain in this carry!

For me, the hardest part of this carry was the slip knot.  Although earlier carries in this Challenge included a slip knot, I actually learned the slip knot while trying to learn this carry.  Wrapyouinlove has a great tutorial for tying a slip knot  here.

20150422_125215Once you learn the slip knot, this is a nice carry you can pre-tie and pop your baby in and out of.  This is the carry I normally use if we’re going to be getting in and out of the car a lot or somewhere where she’ll want to be down for a while, then back up with me, and then down again (she’s no longer a baby – she’s a toddler and sometimes she needs to walk!).

In the top photo, I’m using a Didymos Emerald Turquoise Hemp Indio size 4.  For me, that’s a great size for this carry (my base is a 6).  In the second photo, I’m using a Natibaby butterflies in a size 5.  I love this wrap, but the size 5 means there’s a lot of tail left over.

Babywearing Faith has a good tutorial here and Wrapyouinlove has a tutorial here.


Day 11: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Hip Cross Carry

hip cross carry2I think at the rate I’m going, my 30 day wrap challenge is going to turn into a 180 day wrap challenge!  But hey, at least I keep on going…  when I one day finish this one, I’m going to try to do another wrap challenge and actually keep it to 30 days.  Maybe some of you will do it with me!

Day 11’s Challenge was the Hip Cross Carry. I actually did learn this one months ago, but I kept forgetting to get my husband to photograph it so I could post it.  I blame mommy-brain. I blame mommy brain for many things.

I think the Hip Cross Carry is a simple wrap, and I felt like I had a pretty good handle on it after just a couple of times of tying it.    Like most cross carries, I think you could easily pop your baby into and out of this wrap, so it makes it nice for running errands.  When we’re out, my LO loves to see what’s going on, so hip carries are nice.  She can snuggle up to me but still easily look around and watch people – that’s one of her favorite pass times.

My ONLY problem or struggle with this wrap is that I have trouble tying it off.  I can get it wrapped and get the single knot tied.  Then I put the LO in the wrap.. but then I feel like I’m trying to stretch my arms in some weird way to finish that second knot.  I guess I need to get more limber!

hip cross carryFor this carry, I’m using a size 4 Oscha Sonora Cassia.  For me and my LO, I don’t think we could go any shorter than a 4.  If you are slender (I am not!) you might be able to do this with a 3.  I’ve also done it with a 5 and just have a lot more tail.

Uppymama has a <A HREF = “”>nice tutorial on the hip cross carry.</A>


Day 10: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Poppin’s Hip Carry

poppins hip carryI’ve gotten behind on posting these – mostly because I’ve really struggled with the back carries that start soon and got sidetracked!

Day 10 was Poppin’s Hip Carry.  This is another carry I had tried before the Challenge, but it isn’t one I use.  I think this carry looks pretty cool if you have a double sided wrap, but I am just not crazy about it.  Maybe I should try it again – I feel like a traitor to wrapping if I say I don’t like a particular carry!

I’m using a Lenny Lamb Size 4 Tangata Rainbow in this photo.  Maybe I’ll try it again with a double sided wrap.  If I do, I’ll update the post and tell you all if I like the carry more!  For now, Robin’s and Coolest Hip Cross Carry are my go to hip carries.

Day 9: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Robin’s Hip Carry

robin's hip carryRobin’s Hip Carry wasn’t a new one for me; it was one of the first hip carries I learned.  I like hip carries a lot.  I haven’t learned how to back carry yet, although that’s going to happen sometime during this challenge, and hip carries let my little one look out at the world better than a front carry.

I also think this carry just looks pretty cool, so I use it a lot.  I especially like this carry with a wrap that’s got a cool-looking ‘wrong’ or reverse side.

I’ve tied Robin’s with a size 4 Lenny Lamb Tangata Rainbow (which I’ll be selling soon – only so I can get a new wrap to play with).

BabyWearing Faith has a good tutorial on YouTube.

Day 7 and 8: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Simple Hip Carry and Rebozo

Days 7 and 8 were both new carries to me, and they gave me an excuse to use a new wrap in a size I haven’t gotten to use before.  The size 3 I tried them out in was really a little too big, though, so now this gives me an excuse to buy a size 2 to add to my stash.

simple hip carryThe Simple Hip Carry was day 7, and it is definitely going to be added to my list of useful carries.  I used a size 3 for this as it was the smallest size I have, but I could definitely used a size 2.  The one challenge with this carry is that once you tie it and put your baby in, you can’t really adjust it since the knot is in the middle of your back.  For me, this meant I had to tie it a couple of times and experiment to see how much slack I needed to add.  Once I had the hang of it, though, it took me just a minute or two to tie it and put the little one in – even DH commented on how quickly I could do it.  I’m not a huge fan of my ring sling, so this carry my replace the ring sling for getting the little one up in a wrap when I’m traveling and just need to stop for a few minutes.

Vicki Galvin has a good tutorial on tying this carry on YouTube.


rebozoThe Rebozo carry is very similar to the simple hip carry (which is why I combined the two carries in this one post).   The advantage over the Simple Hip Carry is that you can adjust some, thanks to the slip knot.  The disadvantage is that many people struggle to tie a slip knot, and while I can tie one it does take me a little bit longer than the simple double knot of the hip carry.   I think the slip knot would more easily allow you to take your baby in and out multiple times and readjust/tighten as needed, so this carry might be good for running errands.

Babywearing Faith has a good tutorial on tying a rebozo carry you YouTube.

I used a Pavo Jaipur size 3 for both of these carries.

Day 6: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Front Torso Carry

torso carryDay 6 was yet another new carry for me, the Front Torso Carry.  This one wasn’t like any carry I had tried before as it didn’t go over the shoulders.  I thought this would be a good carry for me as some of the others get diggy and pinch my shoulders.  I DID like not having the wrap over my shoulders and I felt like I had greater range of movement for my arms (no wrap getting in the way).  But I kept feeling like she was going to slip down or fall out of this carry so I’m not a fan.  I will try it a few more times, though, and see if I change my mind.

I’m using a Lenny Lamb Tangata Rainbow size 4 for this carry.

Vicki Galvin has a nice tutorial for the Front Torso Carry on YouTube.

Day 5: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Kangaroo Carry

kangaroo carryDay 5 of the wrap challenge was another new one for me, the Kangaroo carry.  The first time I watched this video, I was a bit confused and thought this was the same as a FWCC.  However, it isn’t.  The FWCC and Kangaroo carry both start in the same place, with the middle marker on the front of your chest.  But the FWCC then takes the wrap around your back, crossing to the other side, and over the opposite shoulder.  The Kangaroo carry takes the wrap directly over your shoulder and then crosses in back and comes around to the front to tie under the baby’s bum.

I thought this would feel less secure and comfortable, but I discovered I liked it.   I did have a bit of trouble tightening this carry as there’s no good place to pull against and you really do need to tighten as you go.  I bet this would be a great carry for a tiny baby – I just need one to practice with now!

I’m using an Oscha Sonora Cassia (which is a wool blend) in a size four for this carry.  I barely had enough tails to tighten, but this wrap seems a little short for a size four and I think I’ll have a little more tail once I get better at getting this carry tight.

WrappingRachel has a great video for this carry on YouTube.


Day 4: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Short Cross Carry

short cross carryDay 4 of Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge was the Short Cross Carry.  This was a new carry for us.  I like that it can be done with a shorter wrap, and it is a quick wrap so it makes it easy to do in the parking lot right before heading into a store.  Plus, it is a a carry that you can tie ahead of time and take your baby in and out of, so it is nice for running errands.

I had a hard time getting it tight enough at first.  The position of the knot on the side made it difficult for me to untie, tighten and retie.  Instead, I practiced getting the wrap right from the beginning so I didn’t have a lot of adjustment.   The area on the back where the wrap loops through itself creates a bit knot of fabric, and that was uncomfortable on my back when I sat down.  But it was a great carry while I was up moving around.  This is one we’ll add to the repertoire.

I used a size 4 Didymos Emerald Turquoise Hemp Indio for this.

Wrapababy videos has a good tutorial on how to do this wrap on YouTube.


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