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Information on different types of carries.

Day 3: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – FCC

front cross carryThanks to traveling, I got way behind on the Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge, but I’m tying hard to catch up!   Day 3 was the Front Cross Carry (FCC).  This was the second carry I learned, so I was ready for this one.  I use this carry a lot, and I especially like that you can pre-tie it and then put your baby in and out of it.  This makes it useful when you are running errands or traveling.  For this photo, I’m using FCC to carry the little one through the airport as we traveled from Texas to Spain.

I often have to tie this one, wear her a few minutes, and then tighten the rails back up a bit before going on.  This one works best for me when I fold the wrap in half length-wise, wrap, and then unfold the passes to make the pouch before sliding the little one in.

This is one of those carries you can pretty easily nurse in, and I did this on our trip.  You ‘bounce’ the baby down a bit into position, retie the wrap, and then let her nurse.  When she’s done, you bounce her back up, retie and go on.  You can easily cover her while she’s nursing with the passes of the wrap, so you can nurse very discreetly.

I’m using a Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls in size 6 for this wrap.

Babywearing Faith has a good video of how to do this wrap on Youtube.



Day 2: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Semi FWCC

I started this challeimagenge to force myself to learn new carries, and Day 2 provided me the opportunity.  The Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry is a variation of Day 1’s front wrap cross carry.

This carry has a few advantages over FWCC: because it has one less pass over the baby, it is cooler.  You can also use a smaller wrap, and the slip knot makes it easy to adjust.  Some women are able to nurse in this carry, but I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet!

The only downside I have found so far is that learning to tie a slip knot can be tough.  I had to practice several times before getting it right.

After practicing thisimage one just twice, I was comfortable wearing the little one out for about an hour to explore.  We were rewarded by finding a gorgeous ancient church to explore.

I am using a Deep Blue and Gold Hemp Indio from Didymos in size 5 for this one (although I think I could easily have used a size 4).

Wrap Your Baby has a nice video on how to do this carry on Youtube.





Day 1: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – FWCC

May 1st kicked off the 30 day wrap challenge I hope to participate in.  I will be traveling some in May so I may not get every carry done on the right day, but I am going to use this challenge to kick me in the behind to learn a lot of new carries.   If you want to participate,image‘ you can join the Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge on Facebook.

Day 1 is the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC).  This was the first carry I learned.  The little one was about six months old when I learned it and we still use it.  I like this one for days she wants to have an arm out as well as days that she wants to be snuggled close.

When I first learned this one, I had trouble getting the top of the wrap tight enough.  I kept practicing and it got much easier.  The passes across the back help distribute weight, and after I took this photo I ended up sandwiching the shoulders as it was getting a bit diggy. I wore this one for two hours and was comfortable.

I’m using a Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls in size 6 for this wrap.

Wrapping Rachel on Youtube has a great video on how to perform this carry.


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