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Didymos Turquoise Emerald Hemp Indio

20150328_100948Didymos has been making baby wraps since 1972 – even longer than I’ve been around!  And they make awesome wraps.  They’re mid-range in price, and they offer a variety of patterns, colors, and blends.  Their “indio” wraps refer to a particular pattern of lines (triangles, squares, etc.), and they offer a couple of different indio designs.  From a distance, the wraps look very simple, but up close they’re so complex and beautiful.

My last review was the Didymos Deep Blue and Gold Indio., which was my first indio wrap.  The very day I bought that wrap, I saw the Didymos Emerald Turquoise Hemp Indio (ETHI) for sale on the Didymos Love and Appreciate Facebook page.  I whined to my husband that I so wanted this wrap but had just bought another one earlier in the day.  My wonderful husband said, “If it is that important to you, buy it!”  He didn’t have to tell me twice!

When this wrap arrived, it was such a soft wrap.  The colors were bright and gorgeous.  I couldn’t wait to start playing with it.  It was a lot thinner than the Didymos Deep Blue and Gold Hemp Indio, which made it a bit easier for me (I was still a newbie wrapper then).

This wrap has emerald cotton with a turquoise short cross carryhemp weft.   It is 60% cotton and 40% hemp.  Hemp blend wraps are recommended for both tiny baby and bigger toddlers.  My daughter was about seven months old when I bought this wrap, but she was a petite thing.  I thought this was a great investment since I could use it while she was small and as she grew.

I’ve heard that hemp wraps can be stiff and hard to break in, so I was lucky to buy a preloved wrap.  As I said above, it was super soft and easy to wrap with right off the bat.

I was disappointed to find a few pulled threads* and an area of thread shifting.  I met Gina of Dr. Pull’s Fan Club on Facebook, and she got the pulls and thread shifting fixed.  Indios seem to be very prone to pulls, and thread-shifting isn’t uncommon on thinner wraps.  Both things are easily fixable by someone with a little experience.

So on to to details:

Didymos Emerald Turquoise Hemp Indio (ETHI)
Blend:  620151122_2139150% cotton/40% hemp
Size:  4
Length:  3.8 meters
Width:  0.68 meters
Weight:  555.65 grams / 215 g/m2 (slightly less than the advertised 220 g/m2)
Rails:  Tapered
Color:  Emerald cotton with turqoise hemp weft in the Indio pattern

This wrap doesn’t shimmer as much as the Deep Blue and Gold Hemp Indio does, but the color is bright and cheerful.  I think it makes for a great every day wrap, and it can certainly brighter up a gloomy day!

Although both Deep Blue and Gold Hemp Indio and ETHI are advertised at 220 g/m2, ETHI felt a lot lighter and thinner.  But it was also a lot softer, too, and I could see it being a very snuggly wrap for a young baby.  I found it easy to wrap with, and it didn’t slip.  The only tying complaint I had, really, is that it was so grippy I had a hard time untying a slip knot I used for a Coolest Hip Cross Carry (which is my favorite hip carry).

I’ve mostly used this wrap for various hip carries, and it always feels supportive to me.  The grippiness that made the slipknot tough to untie also means the wrap doesn’t seem to slip – and that’s a big plus to me.

I have really enjoyed this wrap, although I am feeling a little churny, so I may soon sell it  – just so I can have funds to try some other wraps.


Example of a pulled thread.

*Pulled thread:  A pulled thread is a little loop of thread that gets pulled loose from the pattern.  It can occur when a fingernail or piece of jewelry catches on a wrap – or something similar.

When you buy a used wrap, the seller has the responsibility to disclose flaws.  However,  a seller may occasionally miss a pulled thread.  As the buyer, you should check over your wrap carefully as soon as you receive it.  If it isn’t in the condition you expect, you can bring that up with the seller.  Some sellers may offer a refund or a discount, and others will not.  That’ll be between you and the seller. I didn’t look over this wrap carefully in a timely manner, so I felt like I had lost the right to complain about the pulls.




And now… back to babywearing!

I knew it had been a while since I had written in my blog, but I’m amazed to find that it has been almost three months!  Our life has been so chaotic that I just barely had a chance to read email:  there was no time for writing blogs.

During the first part of my hiatus from the blog, I barely wore my little one.  It was so hot in Texas, that going outside was miserable.  We hung out at home, and I just rarely wore her.  We were also preparing to move, and I spent a lot of my time unpacking (and then repacking the stuff the lo unpacked!).

Then we got here to Kansas, and I was too busy unpacking for a while to wear her.  I was starting to fear I was never going to wear her much again, and I even thought about selling my wraps and giving up.

The little one and me at the Ren Fest in Kansas City.

The little one and me at the Ren Fest in Kansas City.

Fortunately, that little burst of despair passed!  The weather in Kansas in September and October is much nicer than the weather in Texas.  We started going to festivals and on other outings, and those are perfect places for babywearing.

I decided that I needed exercise, so I started practicing back-wrapping so I could take her on walks around on property.  This was a win-win-win.  I got exercise, the little one got to get outside and see stuff, and my back-wrapping skills improved.

The little one helping me work at the Bluebonnet Horse Expo.

The little one helping me work at the Bluebonnet Horse Expo.

Life is starting to even out here in our new home state, so I plan to get back to wrap reviews, learning new carries, and sharing the babywearing love and my journey to become a better babywearer!




The Traveling Owls Went AWOL

josey in barcelonaIn June, I posted about The Traveling Owls, my Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls wrap that I sent traveling.  This sounded like such a fun idea – you send a wrap traveling to other moms who sign up, have already sent a wrap traveling, and have positive feedback.  Once your wrap has traveled, you can also sign up to host other moms’ wraps.  It is a fun way to try out new wraps without having to BuyAllTheWraps.

I couldn’t wait to list a wrap and then start hosting other wraps – how fun!  Plus, hosting wraps meant I had a lot more wraps to review for the blog.  Sounded like a win-win.

front cross carryI created a traveling wrap listing and asked that my hosts have positive feedback and agree to provide photos for my blog.  Three moms signed up.  All three had feedback and had hosted wraps before.  I sent my wrap off, excited to see what adventures my wrap went on.  It would almost be as fun as traveling myself!

ashley owlsThe wrap arrived at is first destination, with a mom in Ohio.  Her first photo was of her toddler playing with the wrap.  The second photo was of the toddler asleep in a back carry.  It was fun to see other moms anashley owls2d children enjoying my owls. That mamma enjoyed the wrap, saying “This is quite lovely.”



jenna owlsAfter a week in Ohio, the wrap went off to Wisconsin.  This time the wrap carried a child to a Bernie Sanders rally – it was funny to be envious of the wrap. I would love to have been there!   That mamma also enjoyed the wrap, saying “We will be sad to jenna owls2see this go! Owls has been amazing to us during its visit!”




The wrap went off to a mamma in Oklahoma, and that’s when things took a bad turn.   I had to message the mamma hosting the wrap to see if it had arrived.  On Jul 16, she confirmed that it arrived the weekend before and that she was planning to send it out on July 17.  After ten days of not seeing my wrap or hearing from the mamma, I sent her a message.  A few days later I sent her another message.  No wrap.

Since then I’ve written on her Facebook wall, sent more messages, and had the administrator of the Facebook page contact her.  Two and a half weeks later, still no wrap AND no message from the mamma.

20150523_164818I’m really disappointed.  Although Lenny Lamb is considered a budget wrap, they’re still not cheap.  That money is gone – and I don’t have the funds to replace the wrap.  I really love owls and I really enjoyed that wrap.  It was the first new wrap I bought (my second wrap ever purchased) and took my daughter from Texas to Barcelona, all around Barcelona, and back home.

Some of you might call me foolish for sending something I cherished off to other mammas.  With the exception of a less than idea interaction with a babywearing group, I’ve had great interactions with babywearing moms.  Many, many women send traveling wraps and get them back.  I’m just the unlucky one whose wrap has disappeared.

20150503_074002I briefly thought about walking away from the entire babywearing community.  But it would be foolish to let one person spoil something I so enjoy.  I just will not participate in wrap swaps or traveling wraps, and I sadly won’t be able to buy any more wraps for a while.  That was an expensive lesson learned.

I’ll miss those wonderful owls.

The Traveling Owls

20150327_164811I’m on several wrap and babywearing groups and pages on Facebook, and I had seen several mentions of traveling wraps.  I wasn’t sure what in the world a traveling wrap was – until I came across The Wandering Didys Facebook page and the Churny Mamas Traveling Wraps Facebook page.   The Wandering Didys page is for Didymos wraps only, and those mamas tend to do temporary trades.   The Churny Mamas group has moms who send out traveling wraps.

Temporary trades and traveling wraps are an awesome way for moms to get to try more wraps than they might be willing or able to buy.

I thought about whether or not to send out a traveling wrap.  For the traveling wrap, you post a description of the wrap to the page and mamas can sign up to host your wrap for a week each.  This is a little intimidating because no money is exchanged, and something could happen to your wrap.  I read over the page and no one was reporting problems, though, and anyone who hosts a wrap is required to have some kind of feedback.

babywearing in spainSo I thought some more about it, and then I decided to send out the Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls.  This was the first woven wrap I bought brand new, and I picked it because I love owls.  I wore it almost daily on our vacation to Spain, and the little one seemed to like it.  It isn’t super easy to find anymore, so that was a little worrisome.  I had also been thinking of selling it, so I thought I could try a trial separation to see if I could live without it.

I set up the traveling wrap notice on the Churny Mamas list and I had two people apply to be hosts almost immediately.  I gave the posting a little more time and got a third.  So I packaged up my wrap, said a prayer that it would come home, and I sent it out traveling!  It arrived last week at its first destination, and I’ll post updates as it travels.

When it returns home, I’ll formally review the wrap, too, and add comments from its host.

Now maybe I’ll get to host some fun wraps, too, and play with some new pretties!

Babywearing article: 10 Things Babywearing Parents Get Tired Of Hearing (from BellyBelly)

babywearing in published a great article entitled “10 Things Babywearing Parents Get Tired Of Hearing” here.   It is a great list of questions that some babywearing parents hear all too often.


I’ve heard from other babywearing parents that they hear snarky comments about babywearing, and I guess I’ve been lucky so far.  People smile and wave at my little one when I wear her and generally seem pretty nice.

I have been asked about whether wearing the little one in a wrap hurts my back (which was the first comment on the list).  I’ve just explained that it does bother my back when I carry her in my arms, but when I wrap her the wrap distributes her weight and I can carry her a lot longer.  I recently took her on a walking tour – we were out over three hours.  I was tired when I got back to our hotel, but no more tired than if I had been walking without her!  (The only time this question has bothered me is when the person kept asking about it hurting my back even once I explained it didn’t!)

I’ve had people comment that wrapping looks complicated (#3 on the list).  In fact, just today I was in the veterinarian’s office with my cat and wrapped my little one after we got signed in. A couple of people watched me and one woman asked how long it took me to learn to wrap.  I laughed and said it took me a while for the first few wraps and that I still can’t manage a good back wrap, but I do have several that I can do pretty well now.  Others have asked about it, too, and the questions don’t bother me because I think it IS complicated to learn to wrap at first (and like I said, I still can’t get a successful back wrap!).

I get questions about how the wrap works, what it is called, and where I learned to wrap.  None of the questions have been sarcastic or ugly, though – they’ve been from people who are genuinely interested.  When we were at the airport recently, a woman came up to me and asked how I did the wrap because her daughter wraps but she hadn’t seen one like I was wearing (it was a FCC).  I showed her and chatted for a minute.

Babywearing isn’t mainstream, so I think when I’m out with my little one in public I’m an ambassador for babywearing.  I love it so much and it has helped me with my little one so much. I get so much joy from this, and I love to share the joy!

I know one day I might get some snarky comments. I just hope I manage to handle them gracefully.

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