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A Note about Babywearing Journey

I just realized I haven’t updated the blog in several weeks.  I’m frustrated about that because I have so much to say about baby wearing!   I’ve got several reviews I would like to write, and I need to get back to the wrap challenge (the 30 day wrap challenge has turned into a 120+ day wrap challenge for me!)

Time’s been flying lately, and that’s part of why I haven’t posted lately.  The other part is because of a somewhat snarky message I got about the blog. I am trying to advertise this page and gain more followers – because I truly love baby wearing and want to spread the joy.

I posted the blog on one website, and I got a message that they had removed the link, even though there were no rules against self promotion or posting links to other websites or blogs.  The reason they removed the link is because I wasn’t an experienced baby wearer and they believed I needed to prove myself before I had a right to have a voice.  The snark made me so sad that it made it hard to post for a while.

I’ve felt so much support and love from the mammas I’ve met while baby wearing that this message surprised me.   I’ve never claimed to be an expert, and I believe I’m pretty clear in stating that I created this blog to share my struggles while learning to baby wear and the lessons I learned.  I’m a professional writer, and this blog gives me a way to share my passion for baby wearing with other mammas.

We’ve also been so busy that I hadn’t had much of a chance to wear the lo.  It has been super hot, so we’ve been staying inside.  We’ve been really busy with some personal stuff, so I haven’t been going out much either.  She’s teething, though, and the other day she was super fussy and needy. Normally on those days I spend time on the floor playing with her.  This day, though, I had to clean (I was getting ready for her very first birthday party!).  So I put her up in a FCC.  That quieted the fussiness – it was a bit hard to get much done with her in front of me, but it allowed her to snuggle up to me while I picked up, dusted, and swept.  Happy baby and happy mommy!

That day reminded me that I love baby wearing, and I love (most of) the community of baby wearers.  I’m committed to the blog again.
josey wrappe din india holi
If you are curious about any baby wearing issues, let me know.  Since I’m a professional writer, I’m used to researching and compiling information, even when I’m not an expert.  I want to write the articles you all want to read.

Fun Babywearing Moment

powell gardens spring 2015On a recent trip to visit my family, the wee one,  my dad, and I visited the local botanical garden.  My dad lives several states away from us, but I did grow up in that area and still have friends there.  When we entered the gardens, he said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you ran into one of your friends there?”  I told him that never happens – even when I’m close to home.

I actually started out with the wee one in a borrowed stroller, but after about fifteen minutes she wanted to get out and be held. I quickly wrapped her.  She likes being held and she likes being up where she can see, so she settled down into the wrap.  It was a chilly morning, so it was warm and cozy for both of us.  And really, I’m happier when she’s snuggled up next to me!

As we walked along a path, I heard my name. I looked around and spotted my best friend from kindergarten.  She hugged me and said, “I didn’t actually see you at first.  I saw this [touching my wrap] and thought, ‘Jennifer uses one of these’ and then I looked up and it was you!”

Babywearing win!  Not only did babywearing keep the wee one happier, it kept us both warm AND got us spotted by a great friend.  What an expected side benefit!

Babywearing is CRAZY!

“Babywearing is CRAZY!” is a weird way to start a blog on babywearing, but that was how I began my babywearing journey. I would never “wear” a baby. What did that even mean? Normal people used strollers!

When I was thinking those thoughts, I didn’t even know I would have a baby. Then when I learned that I was pregnant, babywearing didn’t even enter my mind. I registered for a stroller and a travel system. I also registered for an Ergo. Somehow I didn’t associate an Ergo with babywearing. Most of the time I figured we would use the stroller.

When the little one was born, I was too scared to use the Ergo. I am pretty clumsy. In fact, I tripped when I was pregnant, slammed my chest into the edge of a wheelbarrow, and was laid up for almost two months. I knew that if I tried to wear the little one in the Ergo, I would trip, fall, and hurt her. I was terrified of hurting her.

My husband was the brave one.  He put on the Ergo and started taking the little one on walks.  It was his way20140809_160558 of giving me a break and a little time to myself, plus he could bond with the baby.  I still didn’t think that having her in the Ergo was babywearing.  It was just taking her for a walk.

I got a little braver and bought a Fleurville strechy carrier so I could carry her out to the barn for chores or around the house. That wasn’t babywearing either in my book.

So if I thought babywearing was silly, why did I start a babywearing blog?  Because things changed!  When the little one was about four or five months old, she did not sleep.  The baby books said she should be taking at least two naps a day that lasted sixty to ninety minutes each.  Sometimes she didn’t nap at all.  Other days she napped fifteen minutes.  I was supposed to be working when she was napping, and in desperation I started looking for help on some Facebook(TM) baby sleep groups.  Several people suggested I wear her while I worked and that she would fall asleep.

So I looked around and bought an Infantino mei tai off the Facebook group Babywearing on a Budget.  I started using that for barn chores – I still haven’t worn her while I worked!  Then I saw a cheap wrap on the group and bought it. Then I bought a ringsling. I watched YouTube videos on how to wrap, and I was hooked.  Wrapping is snuggly.  Wrapping is an art.  Wrapping is beautiful.  Wrapping is ancient.  Wrapping is a part of our history.  Who wouldn’t like that?!    I was hooked. I am hooked.


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