front cross carryThanks to traveling, I got way behind on the Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge, but I’m tying hard to catch up!   Day 3 was the Front Cross Carry (FCC).  This was the second carry I learned, so I was ready for this one.  I use this carry a lot, and I especially like that you can pre-tie it and then put your baby in and out of it.  This makes it useful when you are running errands or traveling.  For this photo, I’m using FCC to carry the little one through the airport as we traveled from Texas to Spain.

I often have to tie this one, wear her a few minutes, and then tighten the rails back up a bit before going on.  This one works best for me when I fold the wrap in half length-wise, wrap, and then unfold the passes to make the pouch before sliding the little one in.

This is one of those carries you can pretty easily nurse in, and I did this on our trip.  You ‘bounce’ the baby down a bit into position, retie the wrap, and then let her nurse.  When she’s done, you bounce her back up, retie and go on.  You can easily cover her while she’s nursing with the passes of the wrap, so you can nurse very discreetly.

I’m using a Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls in size 6 for this wrap.

Babywearing Faith has a good video of how to do this wrap on Youtube.