I started this challeimagenge to force myself to learn new carries, and Day 2 provided me the opportunity.  The Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry is a variation of Day 1’s front wrap cross carry.

This carry has a few advantages over FWCC: because it has one less pass over the baby, it is cooler.  You can also use a smaller wrap, and the slip knot makes it easy to adjust.  Some women are able to nurse in this carry, but I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet!

The only downside I have found so far is that learning to tie a slip knot can be tough.  I had to practice several times before getting it right.

After practicing thisimage one just twice, I was comfortable wearing the little one out for about an hour to explore.  We were rewarded by finding a gorgeous ancient church to explore.

I am using a Deep Blue and Gold Hemp Indio from Didymos in size 5 for this one (although I think I could easily have used a size 4).

Wrap Your Baby has a nice video on how to do this carry on Youtube.