overland park arboretum1Back carries are tricky, and I really struggled with my first (Secure High Back Carry – SHBC).   Fortunately, now that I feel like I have gotten the hang of putting the little one on my back and making a seat for her, learning new back carries seem to be getting easier.

Like SHBC, a six 6 (my base) is best for this carry, although I can also use a size 5 if I don’t mind not having any tails left over.  With the BWCC, the wrap goes over your baby’s back three times – which I think makes it nice for a chillier weather, and those three passes seem to make the wrap pretty secure (which is great for little ones like mine who like to lean and wiggle about!).

overland park arboretum2I did have to get used to having my little one sit a little lower on my back than she does in SHBC (or a rucksack carry, which I haven’t discussed yet).  At first, I kept feeling like she was slipping but I think that’s just because she was lower than I’m used to.  In the photos with the blue and black wrap, I have the wrap pulled down so it cups my shoulders.  In the photo with the pink wrap, I experimented with the wrap straps up on my shoulders and feel like it is easier to get a tighter, more secure carry that way.

overland park arboretum3With this carry, I find it a lot easier to get and keep my little one’s arms in.  This is nice when I’m someplace where I don’t want her grabbing things, like the store, or when it is chilly out and I want to keep her warm.  I like the way this carry wraps and feels, and I think I’ll be using it for walks for a while now.

I did learn one important lesson when trying to use this carry right after learning it:  it is harder to wrap when you and your little one are wearing bulky sweaters or coats. I needed to take her out to do barn chores one cold evening, so she was wearing a coat and I had a fleece on. I really struggled to get this wrap job done nicely and had to redo it several times.  We were both tired and cranky by the time I got it.  I think that’s partially because I had a really hard time getting the wrap up over her coat.  It kept catching on the coat fabric and I had a hard time pulling it tight.  I’m going to have to practice carries a bit more with sweaters/jackets because our cold weather has just set in and I’ll need to wrap over bulky clothes  for a while!

bwcc photoI did get a nice ego boost the first time I wore her out in public in a BWCC.  We were buying a season membership to our local arboretum so we can take lots of walks whenever the weather is decent.  The woman in the office was so impressed with the carrier and the wrap job that she asked a bunch of questions and then asked me to show it to other women in the office.  It was nice to get to chat about carriers and babywearing with a receptive audience!

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Pink wrap:  Size 6, Colibri Rosa, 70% cotton/30% linen, by Natibaby

Blue/black wrap:  Size 6, Harper’s Flash Nightfall, 100% cotton, by Natibaby