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Day 5: Crunchy Mama’s 30 Day Wrap Challenge – Kangaroo Carry

kangaroo carryDay 5 of the wrap challenge was another new one for me, the Kangaroo carry.  The first time I watched this video, I was a bit confused and thought this was the same as a FWCC.  However, it isn’t.  The FWCC and Kangaroo carry both start in the same place, with the middle marker on the front of your chest.  But the FWCC then takes the wrap around your back, crossing to the other side, and over the opposite shoulder.  The Kangaroo carry takes the wrap directly over your shoulder and then crosses in back and comes around to the front to tie under the baby’s bum.

I thought this would feel less secure and comfortable, but I discovered I liked it.   I did have a bit of trouble tightening this carry as there’s no good place to pull against and you really do need to tighten as you go.  I bet this would be a great carry for a tiny baby – I just need one to practice with now!

I’m using an Oscha Sonora Cassia (which is a wool blend) in a size four for this carry.  I barely had enough tails to tighten, but this wrap seems a little short for a size four and I think I’ll have a little more tail once I get better at getting this carry tight.

WrappingRachel has a great video for this carry on YouTube.



  1. That wrap is beautiful! Love the design and color

    • babywearingjourney

      May 29, 2015 at 1:55 am

      Thank you, Marissa! I saw this on one of the Facebook swap sites and HAD to have it. And when I pulled it out of the package, it became one of my favorites. It made me an Oscha fan… I only have two, but now I want ALL the Oscha wraps!

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