Days 7 and 8 were both new carries to me, and they gave me an excuse to use a new wrap in a size I haven’t gotten to use before.  The size 3 I tried them out in was really a little too big, though, so now this gives me an excuse to buy a size 2 to add to my stash.

simple hip carryThe Simple Hip Carry was day 7, and it is definitely going to be added to my list of useful carries.  I used a size 3 for this as it was the smallest size I have, but I could definitely used a size 2.  The one challenge with this carry is that once you tie it and put your baby in, you can’t really adjust it since the knot is in the middle of your back.  For me, this meant I had to tie it a couple of times and experiment to see how much slack I needed to add.  Once I had the hang of it, though, it took me just a minute or two to tie it and put the little one in – even DH commented on how quickly I could do it.  I’m not a huge fan of my ring sling, so this carry my replace the ring sling for getting the little one up in a wrap when I’m traveling and just need to stop for a few minutes.

Vicki Galvin has a good tutorial on tying this carry on YouTube.


rebozoThe Rebozo carry is very similar to the simple hip carry (which is why I combined the two carries in this one post).   The advantage over the Simple Hip Carry is that you can adjust some, thanks to the slip knot.  The disadvantage is that many people struggle to tie a slip knot, and while I can tie one it does take me a little bit longer than the simple double knot of the hip carry.   I think the slip knot would more easily allow you to take your baby in and out multiple times and readjust/tighten as needed, so this carry might be good for running errands.

Babywearing Faith has a good tutorial on tying a rebozo carry you YouTube.

I used a Pavo Jaipur size 3 for both of these carries.