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Ellaroo Maija: My first woven wrap

20150302_110808When I’m not wearing the little one or chasing her around as she builds muscles crawling and climbing and pulling up and generally giving me a million mini-heart attacks a day AND when I’m not out helping save starving horses, I do some freelance writing.   Most of my freelancing is about horses, although I’ve also written for a Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, and some general interest magazines (mostly about musicians or about local touristy things).  I would love, love, love to combine my love of babywearing and my skill at writing to write reviews for companies or articles for other blogs or websites.  Until I can find those gigs, though (do they even exist?!), I’m going to practice by reviewing the wraps that pass through here.  Maybe one of my reviews will help someone decide to buy one of the wraps I enjoy!

My first woven wrap was an Ellaroo Maija I got in January of this year (2015).  I  purchased it used off of the Babywearing on a Budget Facebook group.  I had been watching some wrapping videos, and it looked like something fun I could do with the little one.  It would give me a bit of a new hobby (since it is hard to get outside and train horses much when the baby needs to be held so often!) and it would satisfy her need to be held most of the time while still allowing me
to get a few things done.

When I first started looking at wraps, though, I had a bit of a shock.  Wrap prices range from $100-$300 (and even higher for hand woven wraps and rare or custom wraps).  I wasn’t sure about spending so much money when I didn’t know if I would like wrapping.  So I turned to the Budget Swap (where all carriers must be listed below $100) to see what I could find.

The Ellaroo Maija caught my eye because I loved the colors – blues and greens. I also admit it, I loved the fringed ends.  It just looks like something I would love to wear around the house and when out with the little one.  I think I jumped on this wrap and bought it within a few minutes of it being listed on-line.  (I was clueless about buying from the Facebook swaps then, too.  I didn’t check the seller’s feedback or ask many questions).

I got lucky, though, and when I got the wrap it was in great shape.  So here’s the info on the wrap:

Ellaroo Maija
100% cotton
Size:  Short 6
Length :  4.4 meters/174 inches
Width:  0.635 meters/25 inches
Fringe:  11.49 centimeters/4.5 inches
Weight: 1lb 0.4 oz / 464.9 grams
Weight: 166.9 g/m2

This is a very lightweight wrap which makes it fairly cool to use.  The striped pattern can make it easier to tell which rail to tighten when you are tightening your carry (look at the color of the stripe on the rail of the loose area and then tighten the same stripe color on the corresponding tail).  The stripes are pretty small on the rails, though, so sometimes I need to have a good look before I start tightening.    The wrap is the same on the front and back, so that does make it a bit hard for carries where you want to see both sides of a wrap (such as anything with a shoulder flip).

Since this wrap is lightweight, I think it was easier to start learning carries with.  The heavier wraps I’ve had can be harder to get tight, and they seem to take a little longer to break in.  Although I bought this wrap used, I doubt it takes a lot of work to get broken in.

20150210_140136Because it is light, though, I think it might not be supportive enough for a big kid.  The LO is about 16 pounds now, and this wrap is fine for her.  I think with a toddler or bigger kid, you  might need more passes to keep the wrap from getting saggy.

While I love fringed things, I don’t like how easily this fringe tangles.  It takes a little work to get it straight and pretty.  But it DOES look nice when you have it wrapped!

Although I was at least the third owner, this wrap was in great shape.  It doesn’t seem to be very prone to pulls or broken threads, so that makes it a nice wrap for everyday wear.

I think this was an awesome first wrap for us.  I’m not using it much now as I’ve gotten into nicer, heavier wraps.  So I’ll be selling it on to someone else who needs their first wrap.  Hopefully this wrap will keep on getting people into wrapping for years to come!



  1. Very pretty wrap! I only have a Moby and it’s so ridiculously warm. I hope to start shopping for another wrap when I have extra money, so it’s nice to see your thoughts on some!

    And you rescue horses?! That’s so fantastic! I’ve only owned two horses and they were both rescues from starvation situations. Major kudos to you on being so cool <3

    • babywearingjourney

      June 27, 2015 at 3:26 am

      So glad the blog is helpful!

      When I first started, I was appalled at the costs of some wraps. And then I got a bit addicted and started buying…

      And yes, we rescue horses here! The organization I run has rescued about 760 since February 2005 – fortunately, they haven’t all lived with me. 🙂 Right now, I have one adopted horse and one foster horse, but tomorrow we’re getting three delivered from a pretty ugly neglect case. 🙁

      It seems like there are quite a few horse-loving, babywearing mammas. There need to be some good wraps for us. 🙂

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