When I was setting up my baby registry, I was overwhelmed like many moms-to-be.  Both Babies R Us and Amazon’s baby registries suggested items we needed, including a baby carrier.  I looked around and kept seeing the name “Ergo” pop up, so I added it and an infant insert to my list.  At the time, I didn’t associate the carrier with babywearing and I wasn’t sure when we would use the Ergo versus a stroller, but I added it to my list and moved on to the next item.

One of our wonderful friends gifted us with the Ergo and infant insert at our shower.  When we got home, I pulled it out of the box and was confused with all the straps and buckles.  It was a little intimidating at first!  I read the instructions, tried it on, and then hung it up in the baby’s closet to await her arrival.

Once the little one was here, I was terrified to put her in the Ergo!  I had a lot of anxiety about the many ways in which she could get hurt or die, and I was certain I would trip over my clumsy feet, fall on her, and hurt her if I had her in the carrier.  I was extremely nervous even carrying her – but I definitely could sit in a chair all day, holding her and gazing at her.

So in the beginning, my husband used the Ergo.  He took the little one on evening walks.  This was a time for just the two of them, but it was also a time for me to get a little bit of a breather on my own.  The sleepy dust was strong with the Ergo on these early walks:  he almost always came back home with a sleeping baby snuggled up against his chest (and how cute is that?!).

20150131_165214A few months later, I got braver and decided to use the Ergo on a trip to the grocery store. I was tired of trying to maneuver a stroller through our overly crowded store and felt more confident in my ability to carry the baby without falling on her.  That trip was a turning point!   I didn’t feel like anyone was going to run into the baby and her stroller, and it was so much easier to get up and down the aisles.  Plus, she fell asleep in the Ergo and snuggled up against me.  That was the last trip the stroller made into any store!

You can get an Ergo Carrier with an infant insert for about $135 – cheaper than most woven wraps.  You can use it to carry your baby on your chest facing you, on your back, or on your chest facing out (although several babywearing experts caution that babies can get too overstimulated when facing out).  The buckles and straps may seem intimidating at first, but once you get everything adjusted for you and your baby, it is easy to slip on, slip your baby in, buckle up and go.  The only thing I really don’t like about the Ergo (and I imagine this would hold true for any SSC) is that if both you and your spouse want to use the Ergo, you have to keep adjusting the straps.