20150528_125720I bought an Ellaroo Maija used on the Budget Swap, and I quickly fell in love with babywearing.  I started watching the swap pages, looking at wrap makers, and drooling over all the pretty wraps.  I am a researcher by nature, so I read about the different sized wraps and what carries you could do, different materials and blends, different makers.

20150320_172208It took me about a month to  make my next purchase:  two wraps from Lenny Lamb.  One was my beloved owls, which went missing during a traveling swap, and the other was a Lenny Lamb Tangata in a size 4.  I decided on a size 4 because it allowed me to try some other carries (my Ellaroo was a size 6 and I also purchased the owls in a size 6).  I decided on the Tangata because it is a rainbow wrap.  After watching a bunch of wrapping tutorials, it seemed like having a wrap in which the two rails were very different in color would really help me as I learned to keep the wrap straight and to tighten the rails – and I was right, the different rails have been very helpful!

Lenny Lamb Tangata Wrap details:
60% Cotton, 40% viscose bamboo
Size:  4
Length:  3.7 meters
Weight: 220 g/m2
Rails:  Tapered

torso carryThis is a light to medium weight wrap, and because it is made with bamboo it feels like in your hand.  The bamboo also means it is soft right out of the packaging and needs almost no breaking in!  I washed it immediately, laid it out to dry, and ironed it, and then started wearing it.   (Since this is my only bamboo blend wrap, I don’t know if all bamboo wraps are so soft right away!)

This wrap also has a lot of glide – I think that’s because of the bamboo as well.  That makes it easy to tighten as the fabric just glides, but I feel like sometimes I have a little trouble keeping the wrap tight.  I’ve read that bamboo is really a great fabric for tiny babies because it is so soft, but that it often isn’t supportive enough for bigger babies.  My toddler is small at only 18 pounds, but I can tell that we’ll have to retire this wrap soon and wait for a new baby (or pass it on to another mamma).

poppins hip carryThis was a great first new wrap for us.  The size was right to learn several new hip carries, the different colored rails made it easy to keep them straight as I was learning new carries, and the bamboo made it soft and easy to work with.  My only caution on this wrap, really, is that it probably won’t work for bigger babies and kids.

I have to add that I really like the Lenny Lamb folks.  Their wraps are often considered budget wraps because they’re in the $100-$200 range.  But don’t let that turn you off.  I think they make beautiful wraps that should last.  Give them a try!