at the seaI ordered the Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls at the same time I ordered the Lenny Lamb Tangata.  I love owls – they’re fascinating birds, and we have two to three great horned owls who pass through our property both in the spring and fall. I could sit outside for hours listening to them – and I often have.  While I was pregnant, I was in our pool one evening when an owl swooped right over my head, flew up to the roof of our house, and landed to who-who for a while.  One of our baby showers was owl-themed, and she has a great owl painting hanging in her room.  Yes, I do love owls!  That made a Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls the perfect wrap for us.

When I ordered the wrap, the only carries I knew were FWCC and FCC, so I ordered a size six.  My goal, like any good baby wrapper, was to learn more carries in my base size.  The Bubo Owls is lighter on the “wrong” side, which makes it easy to tell if you’ve twisted the wrap.  It also looks nice for those carries with shoulder flips.  Since all the owls face the same way on the wrap, it is also easy to tell top from bottom and that makes it easy to figure out which rail to tighten to take slack out of your carry.

Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls details:
100% cotton
Size:  6
Length:  4.6 meters
Weight: 280 g/m2
Rails:  Tapered
Color: Red with grey owls, clouds, and branches.  The “wrong” side of the wrap is a light pinkish-grey and the owls, clouds and branches are in red

babywearing in spainThis wrap is thicker than the Ellaroo Maija or Lenny Lamb Tangata, and that took a little getting used to.  It also meant, though, that it was more supportive and felt more durable.   The thickness meant it took longer to break in, but I washed and ironed it a couple of times, braided it, and wore it as much as I could.

This was the wrap I decided to take with us on vacation to Barcelona, Spain.  I wore the wrap almost every day for nearly two weeks.  It got softer the more I wore it, and I had no problems with this wrap.  Being 100% cotton made it easy to care for, too – a nice wash, dry, and iron and it looked great again!

I love this wrap – and it would have been permastash if it hadn’t been stolen when I sent it traveling.  I’m going to miss this wrap to the end of my babywearing days!