Tonight I was reading a babywearing Facebook group when someone asked, “What was your babywearing progression like?”  I love these questions as I get to chat about my babywearing experience, but it also reaffirm that I’m not crazy – or there are a lot of women who are crazy just like me!

20150315_213808Many people responded that their first carrier had been a Seven Sling, and that reminded me that before we received Ergo, we got a Seven Sling.  In all honesty, though, I forgot about the Seven Sling because I never once used it.

Seven Slings are considered a pouch sling, generally good for newborns and small infants.  They look like a length of cloth that’s been hemmed and then both ends have been sewn together to make a loop.  You wear the sling so that it rests on one shoulder and the other arm goes through the loop (it looks like a sash).  The sling is folded in half to make a pouch the baby sits in.

Seven Slings sell on the website for $39.99, but when I was pregnant several stores gave me coupons for a free Seven Sling . When I got my first coupon from Motherhood Maternity, I was so excited to get something to carry my wee one around in.  The experience of buying my first maternity clothes AND getting this awesome coupon for a free sling made motherhood seem somehow more real!

I rushed to the website to look over the colors and read the instructions.  They instructions seemed easy and clear, but I wasn’t thrilled that the free sling would cost nearly $15.00 in shipping (note:  when I later passed the sling on, it cost me less than $5 to ship it, including the envelope I shipped it in).

However I was aglow with early pregnancy excitement, so I reviewed the instructions on how to measure for a size and placed my order.

When the sling arrived, it looked just like its photos on the site.  The colors were bright, the material seemed sturdy, and it looked like a cute way to carry the wee one around.    I immediately put the sling on, and that’s when disappointment hit:  it was so small on me that I doubted I could get a baby in there.

Once the wee one got here and gained enough weight to meet the minimum weight requirement of eight pounds, I reviewed the instructions and tried to put her in the sling.  The sling was far too small, even though I had carefully followed the sizing chart.    I looked into returning the sling, but I found out that Seven Slings is not customer friendly for returns.  They require you to get approval from their customer service team, have all original packaging, and return the sling within fourteen days.    I admit I was a little frustrated about spending any money on a product I could not use.

I don’t think Seven Slings are worthless, though, and it could be a great option for moms on a tight budget.  If you are looking into a Seven Sling, I suggest calling Seven Slings to get help on sizing, order your sling right after your baby is born so you can try it on within fourteen day time frame and keeping all paperwork, including the packaging, in case you need to return it.

For many moms, Seven Slings are a gateway into the babywearing addiction, and that alone makes them important to anyone who loves sharing the joy of babywearing!