20150327_164811I’m on several wrap and babywearing groups and pages on Facebook, and I had seen several mentions of traveling wraps.  I wasn’t sure what in the world a traveling wrap was – until I came across The Wandering Didys Facebook page and the Churny Mamas Traveling Wraps Facebook page.   The Wandering Didys page is for Didymos wraps only, and those mamas tend to do temporary trades.   The Churny Mamas group has moms who send out traveling wraps.

Temporary trades and traveling wraps are an awesome way for moms to get to try more wraps than they might be willing or able to buy.

I thought about whether or not to send out a traveling wrap.  For the traveling wrap, you post a description of the wrap to the page and mamas can sign up to host your wrap for a week each.  This is a little intimidating because no money is exchanged, and something could happen to your wrap.  I read over the page and no one was reporting problems, though, and anyone who hosts a wrap is required to have some kind of feedback.

babywearing in spainSo I thought some more about it, and then I decided to send out the Lenny Lamb Bubo Owls.  This was the first woven wrap I bought brand new, and I picked it because I love owls.  I wore it almost daily on our vacation to Spain, and the little one seemed to like it.  It isn’t super easy to find anymore, so that was a little worrisome.  I had also been thinking of selling it, so I thought I could try a trial separation to see if I could live without it.

I set up the traveling wrap notice on the Churny Mamas list and I had two people apply to be hosts almost immediately.  I gave the posting a little more time and got a third.  So I packaged up my wrap, said a prayer that it would come home, and I sent it out traveling!  It arrived last week at its first destination, and I’ll post updates as it travels.

When it returns home, I’ll formally review the wrap, too, and add comments from its host.

Now maybe I’ll get to host some fun wraps, too, and play with some new pretties!